How To Celebrate Someone’s Birthday

November, for me, is birthdays GALORE. Two of my closest friends (L and J) have their birthdays this month, including L’s YESTERDAY! EEEEK! After having quite a few birthdays come my way, I decided to put together a little ‘to-do’s’ list for birthdays, to show someone that at this time, however many years ago, an improvement was brought to the world.


Paper, photos and booklets For my friend J’s birthday, we covered her locker in pretty paper and photos of us spending time together. We then printed out some other photos of us and laminated them and put them into a booklet. We also wrote tributes to her and stuck them in too. It is a great personalised gift for a good friend.

Go their way! Without becoming a doormat, you can go that person’s way- instead of disagreeing on things. Let them play tiggy instead of Truth or Dare, just for today. They will be so happy, and hey, it’s their birthday!

Make today a day full of memories Take lots of photos, learn more stuff about eachother and have a beyond epic time. There’s no point getting all excited about a birthday if it’s just another run-of-the-mill day. Obviously you shouldn’t blow up the school and throw an epic party in a stranger’s house, but do add something a little special to the day.

Go out of your way to attend their party If they do have a party, then it’s important to make sure you turn up. Don’t miss anything crucial, but if it’s just a ‘I wanted to go shopping instead’ kind of thing, then surpass this to attend their party. They really want you there and would be upset if you didn’t show up.

Call or text them in the morning When you know that they will be up, go and text them or call them to wish them a happy birthday. They’re going to really be getting into this ‘It’s my birthday!’ kind of vibe, and they will be super excited to get a text from you. You great friend!

Happy birthday to L and J this month! How do you like to celebrate birthdays?




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