Fun Video Games To Play

Today I’m letting my inner gamer shine through with a little post about some of my favourite games to play. Though it may not show, I actually am a pretty big gamer and I really love to play on my Wii or DS or computer. All rambling aside, let’s get into some cool video games to play!


Five Nights At Freddy’s Slightly younger version of me would be horrified to say the least that I mentioned this. Yes, whilst Five Nights can be terrifying and scary (and may cause you to sleep with the lights on) once you do get used to it, it actually is a very fun and interesting game to play. It doesn’t stop at gameplay either, you can also theorise and get really into the storyline. And watching Dan Howell fall off his chair when playing is just a bonus (but it’s a very BIG bonus)!

Just Dance (ALL of them!) Okay, let me just scream this out: I LOVE JUST DANCE. I love dancing, the effects are epic, the song choice is insanely perfect and I love to play it with my friends! My library actually has a Wii and nearly every lunchtime we like to play it together. We’re trying to convince C’s guy friend to play it too- but it’s not gonna happen. Warning: you will get very puffed!

Mario Kart 7 and 8 While I don’t actually have 8, I played it at a family friend’s house and OH MY GOD. IT’S LEGIT. Okay, but basically what I am trying to say is that this game is not only fun and exciting, it’s a great game to bring the entire family and your friends (if you have a social life) together. And if you ARE antisocial, there’s always the feature to play with people around the world over the Internet! And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the classics like Mario Kart 64, ESPECIALLY Mario Kart 64, for being legends.

Don’t Touch The Spikes This is actually an iOS game but nonetheless it is an awesome and addictive game to play pretty much whenever you’ve got a spare minute. I can’t help but feel it’s a teensy bit ripped off from Flappy Bird and the sounds are kind of annoying but I absolutely LOVE it. There’s even a bird that reminds me of Girl Online: On Tour. Oh goodness, I am SUCH an Internet kid.

aa Oh my God, this little thing. I love to play it as much I love to hate it. It’s super frustrating and I hate how it glitches on me, but that’s the thing. It is so annoying that it becomes majorly addictive when you try to beat a level that you just CAN’T. My iPad is broken a bit and sometimes because of that it glitches sometimes, but when it doesn’t it becomes incredibly addictive and fun. This is also an iOS game if you haven’t already guessed.

So that’s my list of fun games to play! What are some of your favourite video games? Let me know what you think of the games I have suggested in the comments.

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