Who Friends Are To Me

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I’m sure everyone who’s reading this has had their fair share of good- and not so good- friends and buddies. Maybe even now you’re having a falling out or a fight/conflict with one of your best friends. That is why, today, I am sharing my views on who friends should be, and what we do about it, online (shout out to my Internet buddies, I love you), and offline.


Let’s talk online friends.

I reckon the best thing about having a blogger friend is that it feel like they’re actually there when you email or DM eachother. You can also discuss pretty much ANYTHING, whether it be a collab or the weekend.

It’s also pretty cool because the second you start chatting to them you already share a VERY cool common interest- blogging! None of my offline friends have a blog except this one (yo Kippcat TEXT ME I NEED U) and she moved overseas a while ago so I don’t see her much. It does mean I can’t really talk about my blog with my school friends (except my friend C who reads it, hi C!)

However, I’ve noticed that all my friends, no matter they be offline or online, need to follow a certain ‘criteria’:

-They love and respect YOU and who YOU are

-They cheer me up when I’m down (I’m not mentioning anything but thanks to my friends when that problem with Little Mister popped up)

-I can talk to them about stuff (LITTLE MISTER. LIKE LEGIT.)

-I can trust they won’t go behind my back or be mean

-We have a balance of similar and different interests and quirks

I (and I’m sure you have) had my share of good and bad friends and I personally think that good friends will never be directly mean or turn on you for no good reason.

I reckon I’ve got the right friends ATM (they are totally amazing) and I hope it continues to stay that way.

But I’ve learned that if someone is making you feel bad or you’re doubting them, you should get them out of your life. And don’t be afraid to confront them either! How dare they do that to you? They’re going to regret it when you win and Oscar or a crazy mad scientist or a super nice person that everyone loves to be around.

(PS. If anyone actually does get an Oscar, and I’m sure someone will, invite me, ‘kay?)

So hang on to your good friends and take Elsa’s advice on the bad ones. ‘Cause life’s too short NOT to send your friends CRAZY-funny Harry Potter memes.

What do ya think? Do you have good friends? If not I challenge you to try and let them know what they’re doing. Say Hatsy sent you! ;D

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