The Deal With Apple Music

Okay. I am really late to board the train here, I know. But now Apple Music is becoming more and more of a thing, I thought I would review it. I hope my Mum sees this, I’m trying to convince her to get it for me!


What is it? Apple music is a monthly-paid service where you can download any song you like, creates playlists, and gets to know your personal taste. it also allows you to create radios, connect with and follow your favourite artists and make playlists.

How much is it? For an individual subscription after the three month trial it is AU$12, and for a family subscription it is $18 a month for the entire family.

Is it better than Spotify? In my opinion, yes it is! Mainly because it has TAY TAY and cheaper for more services. Sorry to all the Spotify lovers out there (no I’m not 😛 ). However playlists you make don’t have to be shared, although you can if you like. Multiple people can listen to it at the same time, should you decide to though.

The three month trial? Okay, I need to cover this. The three month trial is available when you first update your iDevice to the latest version. It’s only there once, you can’t get a new one every time you update! There is a free 12 month trial for anyone who uses some Telstra thing (I have no idea what it’s about, so yeah. PS not sponsored by Telstra), but once the three month trial ends your music you got via the trial disappears unless you renew your subscription to a paid one. You don’t have to renew your subscription afterwards if you don’t want to.

Can I use it offline? Kind of. You can listen to music you have made to be available offline  when you are not connected to the Internet, but if you want to get new music you need to be connected to the Internet.

There’s a catch, right? Sort of. The only difficulty I have encountered is that if you interrupt a download of song you were making by turning off Internet halfway through, all the songs that you have not directly purchased from the iTunes store go haywire and you can’t listen to them until you connect to the Internet again.

Is it worth the money? Should I get it? It probably is only worth the money if you have a lot of songs you want to get often. If (unlike me) you aren’t too open to trying lots of different new music, then maybe not. It’s really about personal taste.

Sorry if I’m too late for everyone! What’s your experience on Apple Music?

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10 thoughts on “The Deal With Apple Music

  1. I’m more of a Spotify lover – I find it a lot easier to create playlists, find playlists based on mood/activity, find new artists and you can also connect with your friends on Spotify. Also, I started with Spotify first and therefore am used to it. (FYI, you can make playlists private by making them not on public.)
    I’m only using Apple music right now for the 3 month trial so I can have offline music on my phone. I’ll probably go back to Spotify after it ends though 🙂

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  2. Yesss I love Apple Music. My free trial ended a few days ago, and because I had no way to get all my music (it would have taken ages to download them on to Spotify) I ended up buying an iTunes card to renew it 😂 I’m probably going to keep buying iTunes cards bc I’m obsessed with music and this is the best way to get it

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