How To Make A Blog Schedule You’ll Keep

So you’ve got a list of blog posts you LOVE, and you’ve got about 3 hours to write them all up and plan when to put them on your blog. The art of a blog schedule is a long lost skill required by many bloggers, and today I thought I would enlighten you in the ancient art of thy blog post schedule (That is the weirdest way I have introduced a blog post ever. I am so sorry).

The first thing you should do is decide how you are going to split up the different categories of your blog posts. For me, I like to go blog related, the have a mix of personal rant, crafty stuff, beauty and lifestyle/décor then back to blog related, so not too many of the same category run into eachother. This is an important skill to have, because unless you have a blog dedicated to only one category, your blog can get boring if the same thing is always talked about, when different readers will come back for different things.

After that, it’s time to decide how often you post. If you feel like you don’t have all the time in the world to post, then I have just one thing to say to you: less is best. The people who do daily blogs often have all the time in the world on their hands and do this for a living, but if you either a) have school/uni/another job to attend to, or b) simply zero time or little, then decide to post maybe once a week or every few days instead of every day. I do this, even though sometimes my schedule is changed for whatever reason, (yo Hong Kong) I like it better than putting pressure on myself to post every day. Obviously, do post sometimes, or you’ll bore your readers and lose traffic.

Eventually, the last step to take is to make blogging a commitment. Schedule it into your weekly time. Obviously you shouldn’t make it a chore, since blogging is meant to be fun and enjoyable, but do try to stick to the schedule you’ve made. Most readers will catch on to what you schedule is once you start following the schedule, so do try to stick to it or you may have some unhappy readers.

That’s just about it from me! What’s your blog schedule like and how do you commit to it?

Screenshot (183)


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