Best Night Ever

Yesterday I gave an important speech at a formal event and I was super nervous about it- but it turned out to go great! Loads of people congratulated me and wanted to know about my blog- yes, this one! Hey guys if you’re reading this. Anyway! I thought I would publish my speech (don’t worry, it’s not too long) and a couple of photos from the night. Enjoy!

The Speech:

The Mayor of New York worked to send over 400,000 children to new homes in the Mid West, off the cold streets of New York. It is a different time but everywhere abandoned children remain. They are abused, unloved, and uncared for.
This is an excerpt from the final monologue in my school play called the King Of New York. It is set in the 1850s, during the potato famine in Ireland. Thousands of children would flee from Ireland to New York where they unfortunately were hungry, hurt, homeless and unhappy.

The mayor thought that these Roman-Catholic children would grow to poison the society. He tried to ship the children from New York to the Mid West by using a child-catcher who would steal them from the streets and take them away. There were families in the Mid West who were looking for children and inviting them into their families.

However, the families who were taking them in were very few, and they only wanted a child if they had blue eyes, blonde hair, fair complexion and knew the bible. This, if you’re wondering, is a completely true story.

Whilst the famine is well and truly over as I said in the excerpt, ‘it is a different time, but everywhere, abandoned children still remain. They are abused, unloved, uncared for.’

Which leads me to what kids wish adults knew…

All children, past and present, anywhere in the world, want to know that someone cares about them.

They want to know that they are loved and protected.

For fortunate children, these people will be their parents and guardians. I am one of the fortunate ones who has their entire family caring for me.

But some are not. They may not have good guardians, or may not have any at all. ‘They are abused, unloved, uncared for.’

When I tell you about the potato famine and the thousands of children on the streets of New York, you may think, ‘oh, that is upsetting, but it was so long ago, it doesn’t matter anymore,’ but the thing is, similar things are still happening.

There are children who are not safe in their own homes in Australia, who don’t have adults who care for them properly.

At the moment, there are many refugee children, some of them orphans, fleeing a horrible situations in their home country, trying to start a new, better life somewhere else.

What is Australia doing in this situation?

Not enough. They are refusing to take many of them in, and some of those they are taking in are being locked in detention, sometimes for years. They are without home or hope, and are refused entry. A new beginning that these children desperately need, is denied.

These children are not given any chance for some care, love or opportunity anytime soon.

But what these kids who are trying to start a new life wish these adults who refused these entries knew, that they just want to be cared for. But the adults who are making the decisions don’t know this.

Doesn’t it feel like we should learn from our mistakes made before? Is that not the reason we have history lessons at school- so we can learn from our ancestors and create a better society?

Another thing children really want adults to know is that we are curious minds and we want to know things about our world. We want to be included in conversations about current affairs- whether it’s in the family, school or even in the government- and we want to be included in the decision-making.

As you may know, I have a blog, and I often write about my opinions on current affairs, and I actually made a post on this very topic- about what kids want to know and what we do manage to connect the dots about anyway.

I said that when you’re a kid, as much as an adult may think it, kids actually know that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. We know that’s not how it works.

I’ve got ages until I am classified an ‘adult’ but I still know so much about the world- but sometimes it feel like adults don’t get that. And when it comes around to making decisions that will affect us, all children want to be consulted! If there are going to be changes in our lives- we want to be part of the decision and the process- we are actually smarter than adults like to think we are and we want that to be acknowledged.

Everyone in this room- with absolutely no exceptions- is either a child, or was once a child. You can sympathise for these children who don’t have care.

You probably know that when you were a child, you wanted to know that whoever was your parental figure, cared, loved and included you. To treat you like you matter. These children are just like you.

So, can you be the answer to the first thing any child wants to know- that they are cared for and will be included?

Okay, how was that?! Eeeek. It was the best night ever. I got to meet lots of new interesting people and even got some chocolate as a thank-you gift…


Yep. it’s Haigh’s. Legit. I kind of squealed a bit!

As well as that my amazing family friend and aunty who also reads this blog (hey Aunty Amazing!) gave this amazing box of goodies from Lush after she read my post about skin care. I will have to review this soon! Thank so much if you’re reading this, Aunty!


Doesn’t it all look amazing? I’m actually about to try one of the bath bombs after I finish this post- Eek! 🙂

Okay, enough about ME, what about you guys?! How has your week been? Let me know!

Screenshot (183)

PS. This week I totally stuffed up a piano exam and thought I was gonna fail but I got a B! Not the best but I am happy! I will keep this in mind when I have another stressful thing on 🙂 Okay now I am really leaving you guys alone!


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