Favourite Scents

I am a huge fan of trying out new scents- whether it be candles, perfumes, body sprays or just flowers. I decided that today I would share some of my favourite scents for all of you peeps to try out. (PS. Yes I am back from Hong Kong AND IT WAS DA BEST. Okay now onto the post.)

My first thing is Katy Perry’s MAD Potion– Yes, while I have only a sample I got from a Dolly magazine, it smells SO GOOD. Like rainbows and vanilla and unicorns. I am saving up for it (Plus a new iPad, phone, and a birthday present for my friend J which is 3 DAYS AWAY, goodness I need to get her something), however, so I am planning to get the real thing too.

Next up is Makes Scents Perfume in In A Daze- I got this from Sportsgirl, but I can’t find a link and I think it will be out of sale soon unfortunately, but HECK DO I LOVE THIS. Not only is it a convenient roll on but the packaging is really sweet and smells awesome. A boy at my school (hey F if by any chance you’re reading my beauty blog) actually walked past me and said it smelled good. A BOY. Warning- don’t walk around with it on asphalt like I did, or you will drop it and it will break. *sad face*

I also love Revo Lip Balm in Strawberry and Blueberry- Yet again I can’t find a link, but I got it at Big W and whilst yes, it’s technically a flavor, not a scent, it tastes and smells *amazing*, so I really recommend this.

The final thing, (yes the flowers were just for decoration), is Rose Scented Candle- I got this from Target and while it does smell kind of strong at the start, it eventually gives off a really nice smell when left for about an hour.

What are some of your favourite scents?

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