Make Your Own Adult Colouring Books!

You know those adult colouring books that are going viral these days- the ones with mindless and interesting patterns? I have always wanted one of them but they’re so expensive and I don’t want to pay so much for something like that, even though I really want one. However, my problem has recently been solved by a cool project in art class we did, and it was so fun and so much like a colouring book that I thought it would be too good not to share with you guys.

The idea of this activity is to create a mindless squiggle and then fill it with interesting patterns to make a cool irregular shape. You can then colour it in later or make a new one.

You will need:

-An A3 sheet of blank white paper

-A permanent marker (a normal one is fine but if you want to get creative you can have a few in all different sizes)

-A pencil

-Optional: coloured pencils or textas and a photo copier

The first thing to do is to take your pencil and do random but loose squiggle all over the page. There are no right or wrong answers, but for best results try not to make the lines too close to each other- but still let them overlap often. Wow, I’m making this sound way more complicated than it is. Just loosen up and have fun!

Once you have done that it should look a bit like this.


Next, take a permanent marker and outline smaller shapes that appear within the squiggle from the overlaps. Do this quite a few times until you have a large collection of shapes all over the page. It should look a bit like this-


Now the real fun begins! Take your permanent marker/s and start drawing random patters inside each of the shapes. Try to make each one different to add variety. You can try chevrons, lines, dots, squiggles or doodles.

My drawing I did quickly looked like this-


What you do with your drawing now, the possibilities are endless. You can keep it like it is and hang it up so it looks like a funky black and white statement. You could turn it into an exercise book cover, or you could colour it in (like an adult colouring book!) with colours to create a cool colouring.

This project is really easy and doesn’t take too long, and it so much fun. It is a cool way to try out the colouring techniques in the colouring books that are in literally EVERY art store now (my mum actually has one! I think she likes it but I’ve never actually seen her use it).

I encourage everyone to give it a try! How did it go? What did you do with it? I’d love to hear!

Screenshot (183)

PS. I won’t post for about a week because I will be in Hong Kong- :O EEEEKKK! Will post after I get back though, don’t worry!


12 thoughts on “Make Your Own Adult Colouring Books!

  1. Great idea! I really would love one too but they are quite expensive and I can’t justify it when I can print off colouring sheets. But I really like the idea of creating my own!! I’ll give this a go later. Looks very therapeutic. Enjoy Hong Kong! My cousin is actually living there this year! Seems amazing! X

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