5 Large Tips for Creating Original Blog Content

Every now and again, I will be absolutely stumped and have NO ideas for original, fun and creative content for my blog because there are SO MANY GOOD BLOGS out there and it’s so hard to think of my own stuff. However, I have come across five good tips for creating original content- and I thought I’d share them with you.

-Try reading a new book. Try one with a lot of interesting insights- I really like Wonder, So Much to Tell You, and Does My Head Look Big in This.  After reading them I often have so much to tell the world- my opinions, my thoughts of the book, and even how it may apply to me (I can definitely relate to Does My Head Look Big In This, okay but maybe not yet as I still need to be a little older to be like Amal, haha!).

-Keep a diary. Write EVERYTHING. Anything that pops into your head, write it down. You don’t have to worry about choosing your words because no-one else will see it (hopefully!). Once you’ve found out a little bit of the stuff you are thinking, you can put it into a blog post. This helps a lot with me.

-Talk to your friends. This helps me ENORMOUSLY. When I come to brainstorming time (Mondays and Thursdays for me!), I will often go to my friends and ask, “If you were reading a beauty, advice, crafts (sometimes) and lifestyle blog, what would you want to see?” It gives me a good idea of what my friends think of an ideal blog as, and A LOT of really good ideas (except for the occasional “I dunno”).

-Take up a new hobby and write about it. This is actually a little hint of what my soon-in-the-future crafts post is going to be- but let’s talk about YOU. Maybe you learned a new recipe in cooking class yesterday and you want to try it again? Maybe you wrote a good poem or song the other day? Write about it! It’s interesting and helps people think of new things to do when they’re bored.

-Collaborate. This may seem like the cheat’s way out but actually, it’s not. Not only are you making new blogger friends and promoting someone’s blog, it’s creating new content. It’s fun, interesting and gives you a chance to find new blogs.

-Teach people something new. This will help EVERYONE. Life advice, blogging tips, even how to drink a glass of water (if you want… I guess…), people ALWAYS need advice. People are always following advice blogs because they help people. Wouldn’t you love to feel like you’re giving back?

Hope you guys liked this post! I’m thinking about making the ‘Five Large Tips’ thing a series? Would you like that? Let me know!

Screenshot (183)

PS. I’m going overseas in a little less than a week! I’m so excited!


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