Skin Care Routines That Haven’t Worked

Hello! So, I’m a big fan of skincare products because they’re lots of fun to play around with, and, of course, to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy! But, as a person who is only really just starting to hop aboard the beauty train, I have a lot of experience with things that HAVEN’T worked. Of course, everyone’s skin type is different, so I can’t guarantee it will be the same for you but I thought I would share some things I’ve learned.

Loads and loads and loads, day and night, a million products This may be a it obvious to some people but if you get a zillion different things and put them all on at once, it’s normally a bit too much for a face to handle. Trust me, I did that, and my skin was looking all cute and great for, like, a day, but then my skin started getting dry and flaky and unstable. So don’t overdo it!

Leaving something on if it burns, itches or scratches At first I thought I should just toughen up and leave it on (leave on products) but IT HURT LIKE HECK and it did more damage than help. Over a long period of time it can leave dry patches, ‘burnt off’ skin or flaky edges.

Thinking ‘it will add up in the long run’ No matter HOW long a product says it may take to work, it shouldn’t do bad things to your skin, ever. Sure, your skin may stay the same for like a week or so, but it shouldn’t hurt you. Your skin was never made to ‘get used to’ outside products like your body can get used to cardio or something.

What tips do you have for healthier looking skin? I will be making a ‘skin care routines that do work’ post soon! 🙂

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