Showcase #What’sUpNAP? No. 3

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This term at school we’re doing a huge project that lasts until the end of Term 3 called Showcase. It does mean I can’t blog as much, which is a drag. But then I thought, hey, why not do a blog post about Showcase. Now there’s an idea.


I’m focusing mainly on positive and negative mindsets. You can read the post I made about keeping a positive mindset here, but for now, this more about:

  • Where are the differences in children and adults in gratitude?
  • Is happiness and a positive mindset the same thing?
  • Is laughter the same as happiness?
  • Is there a balance we need for mindsets or is it always, positive positive positive, yay yay yay?

I’m doing a documentary and so I’m mainly interviewing people and that but of course I will be doing some research for myself, which will be fun. Even though it’s a hard time and a lot of annoying work, it is a thing that really inspires me. So I guess it’s an excuse for me to say to Mum that I’m a philosophical genius. XD

Have you guys ever done something like this? What are your tips? I need them because I feel like I’m going to cry at how much work there is! XD

Much love xx



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