My Thoughts On ‘Follow For Follow’

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I mean, let’s be real. I can’t be the only person who hates ‘follow for follow’, the end. Of course, its a great way to get new followers and even make a new friend here and there, especially for us teen bloggers who are struggling to get attention in the blogger ocean. But, hey, it’s your call. I’m just explaining my reasons for not really liking it.


Did they actually care? Whenever someone says, ‘f4f?’ in my comments list, I always wonder if that person is actually enjoying my content when saying that. Did they even take the time to look through my feed? Or did they just click my first pic that I spent time on and copy/paste? You see my view here?

I want to actually earn followers People always hate everyone who buys followers with those apps- isn’t f4f basically a free version of that? Back to my first point- do they even care about my feed? It’s like buying human robots (that almost certainly didn’t make sense XD )

It looks unprofessional in your feed What I like is meaningful comments like ‘nice pic’ or ‘me too! XD’ not ‘swap follows?’ I don’t think I really need to stress the point here.

Now days I don’t delete the comment- I just ignore it and don’t reply. Ever since I feel happier when I gain a few new followers and etc. Of course, some people don’t have a problem with it and if so,  just continue it!   🙂

Much love xx



7 thoughts on “My Thoughts On ‘Follow For Follow’

  1. Hey gurl! I completelyy get what you mean!! I never do follow for follows,cause they just seem earned to me ya know,I want people to follow me if they want to,because they like my content,or they’re interested in what else I’m going to post,etc,so I never do follow for follows either actually haha,cool post gal!! Love your honesty and this is such a great topic! xx

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  2. I completely agree. I notice especially on Instagram I’ll often have those pages following me that are titled “followers10000” or whatever, and within a few hours they’ll unfollow because I assume they realise I’m not responding. If I get f4f comments, I delete them and I untag any of those “get 10000000 followers” photos. I think they do look unprofessional, and not that I in any sense of the word consider my blog a “business”, I still just think if people really enjoy my content, they can follow, if they don’t, no pressure! I don’t just want dozens of followers who have no interest or care for what I’m putting out there. My “followers” are people I want to connect with, not just pawns in a bid for popularity!

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  3. I definitely agree. I am always way more likely to check out the blog of someone who commented on mine if they left, you know, a relevant comment. But sticking ‘follow for follow’ in there makes me way less interested in visiting a blog, and in hitting ‘follow’ on their Bloglovin’. I also don’t understand why, if they want followers, they don’t just follow me first? Comment or not, if you follow me I will check out your blog, you know?


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