Winter Life Hacks | Collaboration with Bella!

WOW! After a very long-awaited anticipation, here is my collab with Bella from Beautiful By Bella! I have three life hacks for winter, it’s a lot harder than it seems to think of them! If you want to go and see all of Bella’s links they’ll be at the end of this post.

Play Just Dance It keeps you nice and warm and active, and, of course, is LOADS of fun! If you don’t have it on an actual console, just watch it on YouTube!

Only use one blanket  Believe it or not, you will probably cook under ten blankets! If you only use one- you will get warm but won’t turn into a french fry.

– Visit a seasonal aisle If you want to get some cool winter stuff then go to a place like Coles and look in the seasonal aisle- they will have some awesome stuff there! 🙂

Bella’s Links

Blog // Instagram // Collab Post

Much love xx

Hatsy and Bella 😀


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