How To Stay Motivated | Signs That You’re Crippling Your Own Success

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It’s not just blogging that needs motivation to stay on top of its game. Our whole lives are based on what mindset our minds are in. Of course, if it’s the source of your life’s success, you’re going to want to get a better mindset.  So today I decided to share my top tips on how to keep the motivation up on the higher level.


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In order to stay motivated, you need to keep your life in the best light- the light you want to be in, so here are some tips…

How To Stay Motivated

Make your life something you look forward to I always find that the core of feeling pumped that day is not actually what is happening now, but what I have to look forward to that night or the next day, for example. So every day, try to have something to look forward to- it doesn’t need to be big, just a little thing, like ‘I’ll have a smoothie when I get home’. It always gets you excited to finish the day and the day flies by, also keeping you motivated.

Seek for the good things You know those amazing Instagram feeds that make that person’s life seem like they’re in freaking heaven? The captions are like, ‘went shopping with my friends and then went on a walk on the beach xx’. Did they tell you they basically died halfway through the walk and had a fight in the cafe while shopping? No. I try to turn the outlook of my day into a caption I might use on Instagram- you will feel so much better.

Feeling better about/ Enjoying the smaller things When was the last time you were thankful for your writing hand? Or your annoying little sister? No? Well, if you simply just count everything in your life as a blessing, the worst will become the best. I promise.

Changing the negativity If there is something in your life that is making you just not feel it, heck, stop right there sister. (Or brother, I mean I don’t know who’s reading XD) I mean, maybe things like homework is inevitable but what about tennis club? If that just makes you dread Thursday afternoons instead of look forward to them, then your life will thank you for quitting.

Signs That You’re Crippling Your Own Success

-You’re beginning to wish your life was someone else’s

-Not feeling it

-Wanting to quit

-Wishing you could change everything

Thanks for reading 🙂

Much love xx


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