Interview with Angie from Angel Love!

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I am really good friends with Angie from Angel Love Blog, and so we decided to interview each other, and my answers are on her blog! Here they are! (>^.^)>        <(^.^<)

1//Who are some of the friends you have made via being a blogger?

I have made heaps of friends whilst blogging: Nearly A Princess, Rosie, April, Greta, Bella, India and many others, just to name a few! I always love making new blogging friends, so please email me and tell me about yourself. I always love making new friends, because they always encourage me to keep on blogging, like Nearly A Princess encouraging me on all my forms and quizzes. (Haha, thanks Angie!)


2// What has been your biggest blogging achievement?

Hmm, my biggest blogging achievement/s would probably be reaching 15 followers on my blog, doing collaborations with amazing bloggers (like Nearly A Princess) and having heaps of feedback on my blog! All these achievements make me smile, but my most favourite achievement was actually starting a blog! I was really nervous, and not very keen on the idea at the start, but know I am heaps more confident and love it at the moment!


3// What are some of your goals?

I have a few goals, to reach 50 followers on my blog, to collaborate with big brands (like Lush), to reach 1K followers on Instagram and to be big in the blogging world! I hope to achieve these really soon, and I thank all my readers for helping me achieve many things I wouldn’t have imagined of! I have many other goals too, but these are the ones I really want to achieve as they will definitely be really exciting things to achieve/do!


4// What’s your biggest starting tip for a new blogger?

My biggest starting tip would have to be don’t be afraid to show your own personality! Never try to be like someone else, because you are not showing your true self! People tend to like to read your blog more if you express your own ideas not others! Like in photo shoots, wear things you want to wear, not what others want to wear. I tend to like to read blogs if they are unique in their own way!


5// Okay, and now for a very important question- frappes or iced coffee?

Frappes for sure!! Starbucks has the best frappe flavours, like cotton candy and many others. Although also do like ice coffee (hehe). (I agree! Haha)


That was so much fun! Soon we will be putting up the other parts of our collaborations- part three and four of our reviews (Here is part one and two )! 🙂

Much love xx and  angie-catholic-school-girls-logo


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