Collaboration with Anna: Top Tips For Starting A Blog

I love collaborating with amazing bloggers, so it was obvious that I had to reach out to Anna from the awesome blog Hot Chocolate and Cream to do a collaboration >.< So here it is!


I’ve found that the perfect time to start figuring out ways to promote your blog is after your fourth post or so-  you want to make sure there is some actual content there for your readers to see when they arrive. So if you think blogging is a good thing for you to do, then here’s how to make it that little bit bigger.

Top Tip 1:

Consider collaborating with fellow bloggers- it is one of my favourite projects and it can be big or small. It will add traffic to your blog and it is sooooooo much fun 😀

Top Tip 2:

Adding Bloglovin’ has somehow made my readership explode. I used to only have about 30 followers and with Bloglovin’ I’ve gained another 165. It’s awesome and really helps the growth of my blog.

Top Tip 3:

If you really think this is something you are going to stick to for a long time, it may be worth investing in a professional camera. It needn’t be anything fancy, just a small portable one can be around $100 and trust me, your blog will look immaculate.

Top Tip 4:

If you have an Instagram or Twitter or whatever, reaching out to everyone on thy social media is a must! It will probably end up with more followers than your actual blog, so the more people who end up on the blog the better! I actually made friends with Charlotte via Instagram- see, it’s super important!

Top Tip 5:

Ensure that you’re enjoying the blogging just as much as all your admiring fans! If making your blog bigger is the only reason you want to blog, you need to try and rethink your mindset. Blogging is more than just numbers! This relates to my post I did recently about the focus of numbers in life, here.

I hope this helped you, and now on to Anna’s blog!

This was an awesome list, it is just perfection! Here it is 😀

1. Stop comparing!

Honestly? Comparing your blog is only going to hold you back. I have been so guilty of going: oh hey, that person started their blog the same time as me, but has hundreds more followers…. LITERALLY POINTLESS.

2. Don’t over-clutter your design

I think it all depends on opinion, actually. There is no one to stop you from designing your blog how you want, but it can be very annoying having pop up ads everywhere in your sidebar, and clashing colours for the background- it appears just a little messy. I would recommend a simple white background with a strong, clear header (I went for a white and mint coloured header.

3. Quality over quantity

Would you rather read five two liner posts a day about… well, nothing, or one post every few days which showed some actual effort? I’m assuming you think the second one, right? This is your blog, and you can write it however you like, but there isn’t really a point of a blog if it isn’t filled with any energy or interest or time.

4. Network, network, network

I’m sure you’ve heard this a hundred times before, but let me tell you for the hundred and oneth time. You may have amazing content but the only way anyone is going to read it is if you find other blogs first, follow, comment, like etc. The blogging community can be so warm and friendly, so don’t be scared to go out and meet other bloggers similar to yourself (whether that’s lifestyle, beauty, travel or photography.)

5. It isn’t about being perfect

Blogging isn’t about churning out endless perfectly crafted posts. People like to see personality, and yes, content does still count, but you might want to think about how you are going to come across. Show that you are human, you have ups and downs too. I feel that sometimes bloggers get caught up in the excitement of glossy white pictures and expensive makeup. Life is not like that and you know it.

Wow! I wish I had known these things for myself when I was starting a blog! I loved collaborating with Anna, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Much love xx and Anna 🙂


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