50 Random Facts Tag

I love to tell random facts and so I decided to start my own tag for the 50 random facts tag. Basically, you write 50 facts about you (der) and then tag others to do it too. I know that this isn’t very original but, just so we can get on a better level, I would make the tag.

1// I am good at random doodles but not actual art XD

2// Having things in rainbow is so important to me and I love it XD

3// Before I made I blog I would go by Hatsy on the Internet (Call me Hatsy!!! Haha)

4// I was also going to call this blog Ayowza or Miss Ayowza, but then I thought that the ‘Miss ____’ blog name was very popular and I wanted to be a bit different.

5// My brother’s birthday is so close to my own! Haha

6// I am a Taurus ♉

7// I use Camera+ to edit my Insta pics and it is the best thing I have ever used.

8// I play Minecraft! My friend Minigame15 and I will play 24/7 together- Just ask Mum!!!

9// I am Muslim, and it is Ramadan right now, it is so exciting!

10// I am THE WORST at saving money, I just worry for my university self!

11// I used to have an obsession with Smiggle but now I think I’m more into Typo.

12// My grandma cooks amazing Lebanese food, my favourite dish is her stuffed vine leaves.

13// I tend to be a fan of retro music. I like Crazy Little Thing Called Love, The Power (no but seriously I play that song on repeat for HOURS and I still love it!), and I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’. I also like the Ghostbusters theme song, but who doesn’t?

14// I am obsessed with playing Just Dance, although I don’t always win! XD I will ALWAYS beat you though in ‘The Power’, that is my signature dance. Me: “Let’s do The Power!” Friends: *groans*

15// I always have my moments where I’m just like, ‘OMG LIFE COULD JUST BE A DREAM!’ I’m seriously danisnotonfire in girl form!

16// I’m soooo emotional!!!

17// I am officially exactly halfway through my whole schooling life! :O

18// I always forget to save my drafts when making a post and will have to re-type them CONSTANTLY.

19// I love keyboard art. (>^.^)>   <(^.^<)

20// My pass time is to text everyone in my text list and see who replies- often no-one XD

21// My iPad runs out of space WAY TOO MUCH! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… D:

22// I’m a nail biter, I used to have the habit broken but it came back. My nails are also really weak and break off easily.

23// I am a big reader! Bookworms unite XD 📗📘📙

24// I hope to one day collaborate with a brand for my blog 😀

25// I am so happy I’m halfway through the facts!

26// I adore pasta and especially Latina Fresh 😀

27// I love going on long walks and hikes, last week on camp I went on a 10k walk along the beach!

28// I have brown eyes.

30// I go to a drama school and it is so much fun!

31// I am not allergic to anything or have any particular medical requirements.

32// I learn French at school, I am not very good at it!

33// I love sushi 😀

34// I would love to start a YouTube channel when I’m older.

35// I have an obsession with mints and gum- I go through them like that!

36// My friend L is obsessed with Doctor Who. Hi L if you’re reading this XD

37// I am obsessed with tea and will have one everyday!

38// I learn Bassoon and Piano- I detest having to practice.

39// I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up but I would like to be something that makes me look smart, like a doctor XD

40// I have a scrapbook with lots of cute things in it- I will share a page of it on my Instagram every now and then!

41// We interrupt this post to bring you a cute photo-


NAWWWWW (^^^ So cute! Fact.)

42// I am currently anonymous on my blog.

43// 15 is my lucky number.

44// I want an Apple Mac soooo bad but if you see point 10, I doubt it will ever happen.

45// On that note, I use a Surface Pro 2.

46// I specialise is procrastination.

47// My iPad is cracked at the moment for the second time, but I can’t be bothered to earn the money to get it fixed.

48// I have hit a growth spurt and barely any of my pj’s still fit me!

49// My background is me and my school friends on the last day of Term 2.

50// My next post is going to be really interesting.  I wonder if you can guess what it is?

Done!!! I tag all of you to do this too, have fun!

Much love xx



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