TUNIN’ FOR JUNE… Collaboration with LALivin

I’m good friends with an amazing blogger and person- LALivin! We’re doing a collab, which I announced on my Instagram last week πŸ˜€ So here it is, the long wait is over!


So LALivin has an awesome new series called Tunin’ for June, which is all about music and playlists, so I thought, as it is summer for her but winter for me, I would make a winter playlist and she made… you guessed it… a summer playlist πŸ™‚ Here’s the playlists!


I think slow, hearty songs that inspire cool colours are great additions to cuddling under a blanket with a tea and a good book! Here they are:

  1. Blank Space by Taylor Swift
  2. Two Birds by Charity Vance
  3. Wonderland by Taylor Swift
  4. Chandelier by Sia
  5. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding
  6. Masterpiece by Jessie J
  7. Elastic Heart by Sia
  8. Style by Taylor Swift
  9. Begin Again by Taylor Swift
  10. The Last Time by Taylor Swift

As you can see I’m totally in love with Taylor Swift! πŸ˜› Here’s LALivin’s playlist! πŸ˜€

Okay,so I think Summer is such a lively,energetic time of year! So I think listening to some really catchy,upbeat tunes,not only improves your mood in general,it reallyyy helps you get in the mood for summerrrrrrr!(and who doesn’t wanna do that yo!..word…yeah.)

So here is ma summer playlist!

1- Rule- Hillsong United

2- Young Volcanoes- Fall Out Boy

3- Tongue Tied- Glee cover

4- New Romantics- Taylor Swift

5- Deep Cries Out- Bethel

6- Miss Missing You- Fall Out Boy

7- Bad Blodd- Taylor Swift

8- Smile- Mikky Ekko

9- Welcome To New York- Taylor Swift

10- Wake- Hillsong Young And Free

That’s all! Thank you so much to LALivin or collabing with me! It was the most fun ever, she is a really awesome person to talk to πŸ˜€

Much love xx

http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54493-120-1FD13263B2F1316F505BABE5EC309F98Β and LALivin


4 thoughts on “TUNIN’ FOR JUNE… Collaboration with LALivin

  1. LOVE THIS POST GURL!! You’re suchhhh a sweetheart I cannot deal. ;P xx

    Thanks so much for the kind words!!! You always make ma day! xoxo

    Loveee this post! It was THE BEST thing collabing with ya,we should definitelyy do it again! (if you do a Jammin for July series,I’M IN. ;P)

    Talk to ya later gal xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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