100 Followers|How I Got My Blog Name

In my last ‘blogging related’ post, My Blogging Story, I said that if I got to 100 followers I would tell you how I got my blog name. Well, I’m happy to announce that we did it! Due to promise, I will now tell you how I got my blog name.


Okay, back when I was about 6 or 7 I was obsessed with Barbie, and so was my friend. The newest movie was Barbie Princess Charm School, and my friend’s family was savvy with all that stuff. So I went to her house to watch it.

After watching Barbie’s amazing experience with magical princess schools, my friend and I were pretty eager to try and balance a book on our heads. My friend… almost had a magnet in her head. And as for me? Okay. I’ll admit I was absolutely hopeless. My friend is such a supporting and consoling person, so being herself she told me that in her eyes I was still her princess. BOOM.

Yes, I have lived more than double than what I was aged then, but it still stuck in my mind for whatever reason. I was thinking that ‘Nearly A Princess’ was an awesome username, and the first chance I got to use anything that required a username, I would use the name Nearly A Princess. The same day I saw Miss Asha for a picnic and she showed me her blog.

And the rest you know!

Much love xx


PS. Could we try to get to 150 followers by Monday? It would make my day!


9 thoughts on “100 Followers|How I Got My Blog Name

  1. Hey
    Huge huge congratulations on your 100 followers. Wow !!! U totally deserve it. I love how you got u r name. I loved that Barbie movie too. Drove my Mum nuts watching it over and over. Did it with all of them !! Bye Ari 💙💛💜💚

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  2. This is so awesome gal!! XD Love that story so much!! And it IS a really cool username!!! I used to loveee barbie movies when I was really young too hahaha and you and your friend are amazing people 😛 xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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