The Princess Challenge

With every rising of the sun the world will become harsher and harsher about a person’s (and especially a girls’) value by what they look like. Many girls once they reach around my age will start feeling horrible about themselves and start to gain eating disorders, depression/stress problems, and so much more. I am so upset about what is happening today that are solely about appearances. Thus I made The Princess Challenge.


Screenshot (61)

The Princess Challenge is something I would like to start for all the princess (aka. GIRLS!!!) out there who are worth more than their face or body.

There is something more important that your appearance. You need to have a beautiful heart!

I tag everyone who follows me to do the Princess Challenge!

These are what you have to do.

  1. Every morning you need to look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Not only on your appearance, but what’s in your heart. So, instead of, “I have a nice face,” say ” I’m pretty and kind.” If you can, keep track of all these things in a notebook because if you’re stuck one day you can just read through your other compliments.
  2. It’s not just all about you though! Compliment another person on social media or real life about their personality at least once a day. Spread the love! And don’t judge either, that is just mean and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that against you.
  3. Keep reminding yourself, my appearance is nothing to do with who you are inside. I’m sure you’d prefer a kind hearted friend to a pretty-but-mean one. Why not be the friend you’d like to have?
  4. This challenge lasts for as long as it takes for you to have complete self-acceptance.

This is a very different post from my normals ones, I know, but I’d been wanting to do this for months and I really wish I could help. So here you go.

You are tagged! Good luck.

Much love xx


2 thoughts on “The Princess Challenge

  1. I love this blog entry! You are more right on the spot than you know! Girls can be so mean and all of us are self conscious in one way or another. I try to make sure to not day it out loud of its not nice or if I wouldn’t want someone to say it to me. Thank you for posting this!!!

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