My Blogging Story

I got inspired by the blog What Lexie Loves to write my blogging story with the world. In the past four months my life has changed so much! I think it would be appropriate to celebrate reaching 90+ followers. 🙂

It all started with Miss Asha, the blog you probably know of, she’s pretty big in the blogging world! We live rather close and after a cool photo shoot in the park near her house and a mani sesh, she showed me her blog. I was instantly charmed by it all and knew that one day I wanted to do something like that.

The second I got home I asked my Mum if I could have a blog. I was already settled on Nearly A Princess because that’s exactly what I was. It’s a long story, but maybe one day I’ll tell you…

Anyway, I started my blog on January 27 2015. I have deleted those posts now because they were really irrelevant and even a little embarrassing. Miss Asha came to my house a month after my blog started and she found out about my blog. She became my first follower.

Then I got to have a collaboration with the amazing Angel Love and she became my first internet friend that I hadn’t met IRL. Her and I are still really good friends and our collab isn’t even over yet! I was so happy to be able to work with her and she really is teaching me so much about blogging!

Since then my life has changed. I now have two collaboration opportunities and a penpal. I also have awesome internet friends.

I can’t wait to write my next blogging chapter in my life. When I hopefully hit 100 followers (OMG?! DID I JUST WRITE THAT? I can’t believe I can actually hope for that!) I hope to write how I managed to get my name. In the meantime, happy blogging, and I hope to share more wonderful things with you in the future.

Much love xx



11 thoughts on “My Blogging Story

  1. Oh, I’d love to hear the story behind settling for ‘Nearly A Princess’, quite intriguing 🙂 Well done for the collab opportunities, it’s a greay way to show bloggers who you are and get to know you more. Well, hopefully you get 100 plus followers! Happy Blogging, Nearly A Princess! xx


  2. Lovely post, well done on your blogging journey so far & I’m sure someday you’ll hit your target!! Would love to know about the name of your blog 🙂 Karen x


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