Why I Prefer Blogging To Being A YouTuber!

Even though YouTube is a great place to connect and share your life with the world, I always have my preferences- and blogging is definitely mine when it comes to my life. Here are a few reasons why bloging is so much easier than being on YouTube.

Reason One: The community is so much nicer. There are so many internet trolls and bullies in the cyber world, but blogging is so much easier. You can moderate comments, plus your computer will just automatically pick up on any spam, so half of the time you don’t even have to see it. Plus, just the community is so kind. The fact that the blogging world is smaller than the YouTube community means that most of us know of eachother. It’s like a huge, happy family.

Reason Two: There’s no age restriction. Unlike YouTube, blogging is open to ANYONE. People of any age can become part of the Princess family. I know how it feels to be on a certain website and want to follow someone but you can’t because of age restrictions and all that annoyance.

Reason Three: It’s easier to be anonymous. In the blogging world, you don’t have to include your face for you to show a detailed show of life. On YouTube, it’s kind of hard to show everyone things without showing who you are. That would be kind of weird. Here, it happens commonly and it’s easy.

Reason Four: The editing and ‘staying up for 12 hours polishing the video’ doesn’t happen here. It doesn’t take too long to whack a post onto your blog. Plus, once it’s up, it’s UP. None of the Exporting…. Uploading…. 12 days remaining…

That’s, in a nutshell, why I prefer blogging. Which do you prefer and why? Comment!

Much love xx



2 thoughts on “Why I Prefer Blogging To Being A YouTuber!

  1. I like blogging better, too. You’re definitely right about the people being nicer. I saw this video of a girl doing an awesome dance, and yet, there were still mean comments. Like, what the heck? 😨

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